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The Hiney Wine Song


If some of your fondest memories are of summer days listening to commercials from Hiney Wine on your AM Radio as you cooled of drinking a cool fantasy Hiney Wine in a can, you belong here. Sign up as a fan and receive updates on Uncle Harry Hiney and Thor and the crew and who knows, maybe even links to where you can order your own personal supply of the brew that brought smiles to so many people in the late 1970’s and early 80’s.

The Hiney Winery was established in 1979 by Uncle Harry Hiney. He had the idea of putting his Hiney in a flip top disposable can. Family friends convinced him that his Hiney was too good to keep to himself so they bought the warehouse behind the library and the rest is history. Since that time people all over the area have been enjoying Hiney Wine.

COMMERCIAL#1 –¬†You only go around once in life, so grab all the Hiney you can get!

COMMERCIAL#2 – It’s a Free Country

What’s the true Story behind Hiney Wine?
I heard Hiney Wine was made in Herculaneum, Mo. the town that smelled like hiney.
and One tavern there had a sign in the window that read “Plenty of Hiney in here.” I have also heard it was made other places including Mississippi and North Dakota. Anyone know the truth?

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  1. Rick West says:

    I like to put my Hiney in a crock pot and add spices in the wintertime. Nothing smells like hot spiced Hiney. My wife likes to put an ice cube in hers to help prevent “hangovers”.

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